House Speakers: JBL Subs, JBL Array, Meyers Array, TOA Array, 15” 3-way, 12” 2-way

Monitor Speakers: JBL 15” 2-way, JBL 12” 2-way

Paging Speakers: EV High Power FC-100 60w, 70v, stands

Mixing Consoles: Yamaha and Soundcraft

Amplifier Racks: Crest and BGW

DJ Speakers: Mackie 15” 2-way powered, Mackie 15” and 18” Powered Subs, McCauley 4x15” Powered Subs

Stage Lighting: 6x6,9,12,16 & 22” 1kw lekos, par 30, 38, 46, 56, 64 50w-1kw lites, 6 & 8” 500-1kw fresnels, cyc lights 1kw, opti-pars, 36-3watt led pars

Follow Spots: Altman: Q1000, Luminator, Comet, Orbitor, Satellite

Fog Machines: Martin Fog, Antari Snow, dry ice, Real Effects Mist

Special Effects: ADJ fusion scans, lasers, rotating gobos, Elation platinum 5R moving Head spots, black lights, strobes, confetti blowers, many more dj lights

Dimmers: EDI 1.2kw, 2.4kw and 5 KW

Truss: Global: Square 6’ 8’ 10’ Aluminum

Miscellaneous A/V: Shure HH mics, Countryman earset mics, wireless mics, Draper Fast fold screens, oak podiums, Genie lifts,

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